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Energy Health and Wellness of Mt Horeb
Mount Horeb's #1 Gym, Health Club and Fitness Center
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Energy Fitness:  Best Gym, Health Club and Fitness Center
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Best Gym, Health Club and Fitness Center
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Weight Loss Program Mt. Horeb
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Our Members Say It Best!

What impressed me most when I first came to Energy was the genuine eagerness of the staff to make me feel welcome and get me started on a good program. I never felt like I was getting a sales pitch or any pressure, and I was free to move along at my own pace. And I love that the other members come in all shapes and sizes from buff to fluff. The atmosphere is not intimidating, it's motivating and inspiring. I feel very comfortable at the club, and wouldn't change a thing!

I am very happy with our gym. Thanks to ALL the staff, to whom, I'm sure, not enough appreciation is given.

I love this health club. You guys are great. Always friendly and helpful.
I love coming to Energy Fitness and think of it as my 2nd home. I've been a member for a few years and this is truly one of the best investments I've ever made because you can't put a price on your health. Working out helps me not only physically but also relieves stress and just makes the day go much better. I'm 47 and I'm stronger and in better shape than I was in my early 20's and I contribute that to working out. No matter what age you are you can always build muscle and improve your overall health and appearance.

I recommend our club at every opportunity. Great staff, convenient location. I'm comfortable there!!

Thanks for the chance to offer feedback....it shows me that you care about continuous improvement!

Have been very pleased with the comfort and atmosphere during my workouts- Each of the staff is very helpful, cordial, and respectful to the members.

The reason I go to Energy is that I like the people with whom I workout. The equipment meets my needs, and there really isn't anything missing in that regard.

Really enjoy it!

I love the atmosphere and everyone is very nice and helpful. I also appreciate the clean facility and small things that some people may take for granted.

I appreciate the fact that you have a wide range of services. The Energy staff is generally friendly & helpful.

I think it is great. I wouldn't change a thing.

Best investment in town.
I love this club, and I recommend it to all of my friends that talk about needing a gym to join.

It's a very nice club with an excellent staff. I love the classes and extras. Really enjoy your facility.

It's so nice to walk in the door and be greeted with a smile! Everyone is friendly and personable, which makes working out at the gym feel like hanging out with friends.

Staff are nice and are willing to help. Overall the club is good and I am a happy member.

This is a great all around place to workout. The staff and the facility are one of the best in this area.

I have been a member for just a few weeks and love it! I love the atmosphere, the type of classes offered and the instructors are the best!

Energy Center Fitness & Wellness
407 S. 8th Street  |  Mount Horeb, WI 53572