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Are You Sick and Tired of Carrying Around Those 20+ Extra Pounds That Slow You Down, Make It Impossible To Fit Into Your Favorite Clothes, or Keeps You Away From The Beach or Pool?

We Fix That.  Guaranteed!


Have You Tried To Tone Up Or Lose Weight In The Past And Failed?
Listen Up. You're Not Alone.

Starting a 'diet' or weight loss program is easy.  Getting great results quickly and maintaining those results is not!

When you put in time, effort and energy only to find yourself back at the same place you started…

Naturally, you feel SAD and FRUSTRATED and worst of all – DISCOURAGED!

Tired of having no energy, being out of shape and self-conscious by the way you look? Is it making you feel unhappy, upset and angry at not being able tone up and lose the weight?

Seems like all programs are the same – impersonal, uncaring and intimidating.  Once you join they could care less whether you succeed or reach your goals.

Until Now…

Energy Health & Wellness has helped hundreds of people just like you in Mt Horeb lose weight, increase their energy levels and stay fit! 

Thanks to our Fast Track Program, you can too. 

In fact, we are so certain you will love your first 30 days... we GUARANTEE it!

If you're ready to eliminate your excuses and join thousands who were in the exact same spot you are today...

Just drop in your contact information and take the easy, first step.

No obligation. No commitment. Just an opportunity to start your journey for FREE...

Start For Free

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NOTE: We are so confident you will love 20-30 Quick Start, 
we back it with our
Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee!

.Meet Some Local Heros: Celebrate Their Success and Commitment!

Now It's YOUR Turn...

Meet Dr. Angie Cotey!

“I did the program 20/30 program because I felt like I had tried everything and could not lose those last 10lbs. I had always had a belly and no matter what diet or exercise plan I had tried my problem areas never seemed to go away. I had trained for marathons, did different exercise classes and nothing seemed to help, even working out 6 days a week. I thought I was eating healthy as well, but there is so much conflicting information about what eating healthy means and what food to avoid."

"This plan is so simple and it makes grocery shopping and preparing meals easy and efficient. I never used to enjoy cooking much before and now I look forward to planning my meals for the week."

"I am so excited to say on this plan that I lost 11 lbs, 5% body fat, 16 inches and I lost my belly! This happened with way less exercise than I had ever done in the past. My clothes are fitting me much better and I actually am a size smaller than when I started."

"I didn't realize that I was having energy problems, however I did feel that after exercise and work I didn't feel like doing much else in the evenings. Now I have energy all day and night and get much more accomplished each day. I even feel more focused and that I can concentrate better. I love how the program focuses on what foods my body responds well too and the coaches were very helpful in keeping me accountable and any questions I had during the program."

" I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to lose weight, have more energy and feel better about themselves. Especially those who feel like they have tried everything else without success in the past.

The program really works!”

Meet Sadie Sutter:

"Since starting the 20/30 program, I have lost 13 lbs, 25 inches and 4% body fat.

I am back to my goal weight from the Thin and Healthy program that I reached two years ago after 5 months. I was able to maintain that weight for 3 months until I got pregnant with my second daughter.  The weight after this pregnancy did not come off easily, especially in my stomach and hip areas, but they're no longer a problem.

Not only can I fit into my skinny clothes, but I also have a ton of energy!

Even though my 1 year old is still not sleeping through the night, I no longer feel like I need caffeine to stay awake during the day, nor do I feel like I need a nap shortly after lunch.  It feels great to not feel hungry an hour after eating and to still have the energy I need to chase after my 3 year old too!

I have also noticed that my teeth feel cleaner longer during the day and that the circulation has improved in my legs. I look forward to continuing to lose in the upcoming weeks as I listen to my body!"

Meet John Pare:

"The numbers speak for themselves.  I am so happy to have found the Fast Track Program and the professional staff at Energy Health & Fitness to help me reach my goals:

  25 pounds
  1.6% Body Fat
  26 inches

In just 30 days!

And the great thing is the ability to keep the weight off easily."

Meet Barb Hunter:

Barb lost 17 pounds and 4% Body Fat on 20/30 Fast Track! Here's what she had to say about it!

“When I was asked to do this program, I didn’t hesitate for a minute! I was thinking about doing something, so the timing was perfect! I took one look at the people who had already completed this program and I was in, hook, line and sinker.

I have felt great through the whole program and very glad I did it. My joints are much calmer and I have lost many of my stomach rolls as well! I have learned I can’t let food control my life and I have also started drinking a lot more water.

I am very happy with my results and hope to lose a few more pounds. Now, I just have to use what I have learned and stay on top of what I’m eating.

Thank you, Energy Fitness Total Solution for bringing this 20/30 Fast Track program to us.”

Meet Sara Stadele:

"Since starting this program almost 4 weeks ago I am down 17.4 pounds and 4% body fat.

The program itself is very doable. I was nervous at first about limited choices but found it makes life easier when you don't have so much to choose from! I don't spend as much time focused on food or thinking about what I can eat next.

I feel better, haven't had any headaches, my skin is clear, and clothes I could barely squeeze into a month ago are falling off!"

Meet Barb Johnson:  

“I began the 20/30 Fast Track plan feeling somewhat desperate, as it has been getting increasingly difficult to lose and keep off "that ten pounds." I am pleased with the loss of 13 pounds!

I am now able to wear clothes that I haven't fit into for a couple of years! The program has helped me 'relook' at my view of food and the importance it plays in my life. We are foodies! So it isn't easy. I'm learning to enjoy family and social functions without putting as much emphasis on the food. Portion control is also something I have come away with.

The fact that it is only for 30 days helped me to follow it closely. I look forward to meeting with Jayne or Meagan on a weekly basis to integrate what I have learned into a sustainable healthy lifestyle!”


Meet John & Jessica Rivest!

My hubby and I completed our first 4 weeks!! A combined loss of 37lbs!!! (16 for me & 21 for him!) I'm so very proud of him - losing more than 30 inches, he's wearing his favorite jeans & they're TOO big!!!! I've even dug out some old clothes, shopping from my closet & clearing out the "too big" items to give away. 

We are most excited about how great we are feeling, waking up with a clear head, taking the stairs without being winded, enjoying walks & bike rides.

My son & I just biked 3 miles to the grocery store for fresh veggies for dinner, say what?! Yes! I've even picked up some plants to grow my own stevia, strawberries & tomatoes. Starting small but excited to be planning out a deck garden. Real food tastes so good, who knew?!

So thankful we hung in there and made it through the first week and a half. Thank you to our coach, Meagan Hatfield for the tips & motivation.


Meet Lisa Orman:

"I have lost 16 pounds in 30 days!!

Normally, I struggle with feeling bloated, my clothes were feeling tight, I felt like I needed a nap at 3 o'clock every afternoon, sometimes I would have acne breakouts, my knees were always sore which I noticed during stretching out for workouts, I have trouble sleeping, and managing stress. EVERY ONE of those things was better during the 30 day program!

Instead of gaining weight during the holiday season like I always do, I lost weight. I WILL START THE NEW YEAR AT A WEIGHT I WEIGHED IN HIGH SCHOOL which is a miracle to me! My size 8 clothing that I bought at the end of completing total solutions is now loose on me, as is my wedding ring and watch.

It is my hope that I will continue to have the high energy level I was able to attain during the program as well as a feeling of control over my nutrition and weight.

I was very skeptical that the program would work for me and have to say I am very glad I did it!"

Meet MaryLiz Jast:

"I've lost 17 pounds in 30 days and am so delighted!

Last year, I gained 11lbs in December! This year, I survived the many attacks of the 'sweet -seeking' missiles.

I've lost a chin!

My "skinny" jeans fit & I can now fit in my 'mother of the bride' dress."

Meet Liz Skolaski:

"This program was great for me.  I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and this not only kicked started it but, I am still losing weight afterwards. 

The program is easy, all you have to do is follow the program exactly and remember you can do ANYTHING for 30 days.  I believe this works because it is simple and for only 30 days.

Having great coaches to touch base with every day is also key.   You never go long without reinforcement.  So happy I did this, I feel great at multiple levels and am having fun wearing clothes I have not worn in years.”

No More Excuses - It's YOUR Time To Join Our List of Winners!

Energy Center Fitness & Wellness
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